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   The weapon sight is intended for orientation on terrain and management of aiming fire from the hunting weapon in conditions of low intensity of illumination at temperature of air from -30 up to +40 deg. of C. Indisputable advantage of the rifle scope is the absence of plastic parts in a design. At manufacturing each sight is tested on impact loads on a special bench - 50 shocks 250g. First in its class with the special "night time" enlightening vacuum coating! First in Gen 2+ class with special electrostatic protection of Image-converter tube, that eliminates the wandering black dots on the screen. You won’t find this feature in other rifle scopes!!!
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Employ wide weaver tail mount
Require one CR 123 type battery
Powerful 20 mW IR illuminator
Diopter adjustment from -4 to +4
Light overload protection
Brightness control of the red cross reticle;
The all-metal high-strength body;
Electrostatic protection of Image-converter tube.
Eliminates wandering black dots on the shield of the sight.
*Unical silent generator and ICT. Absence of any noise


Mounting 7/8" Weaver or Picatinny
Reticle Crosshairs
Light gain 20000 x
Magnification 3.5 x
Objective 1,7 F90
Fixed focus range 1 m - infinity
Field of view 11 degrees
Eye relief 50 mm
Ocular adjustment +/- 4 diopters
Power of LED infra red illuminator Not less than 20mW light output
Supply voltage CR 123
Temperature range -20º C +40º C
Dimensions 210x96x100 mm
Weight 0.9 Kg

Delivery set:
S 3,5x50M Weaver night vision scope
Operation manual


Rifles with standard 7/8" Weaver mount.

Extra accessories:

The Laser

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