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  SPF "Dipol" Ltd. was founded in 1990 by the scientific employees who were experts in the field of optoelectronic engineering. That determined the policy of the firm in development and manufacture of night vision devices. Image intensifier tubes of high-quality and specially developed high aperture optics are used in the devices. Much attention is paid to ergonomics and design. With the purpose of giving durability and high reliability light alloys of aviation aluminium are applied to manufacturing of the devices. The manufactured production can satisfy needs and requirements not only of amateurs but also professionals as for its quality and its price.
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The hunting night vision sight D441?, as all sights made by SPF"Dipol", is made in the case from aviation alloys of aluminium that provides durability, reliability and simplicity in operation. The design of the sight provides stable position of the aim mark at shock loadings up to 500G, that corresponds to a cartridge .300 Weatherby Magnum with initial bullet energy of 5920 joules. The opportunity of application of various types of fastening rods allows to adapt it on the majority of the hunting weapons. The usage of the tubes of 2 + and 3 generations from the leading world manufacturers, specially designed optics provide the high consumer characteristics satisfying the most exacting needs.


Lenses, focal length, mm F80
Magnification, X 3
Angle of vision, degree 12
Focus limit, m 5 ... ∞
Diopter adjustment, dptr ± 4
Power supply (type of batteries) CR123A-Lithium
Operating time (without IR, +20°C), hour 56
Dimensions, mm 260x66x117
Weight, kg 1,1
Delivery set:

Night vision scope D441M WEAVER
Nylon carrying case,
Battery, CR123A Lithium,
Operation manual

Extra accessories are available on request:

The Laser (90 mW) 

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