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The NS-52 sight has everything what the professional requires. Its distortions free glass optics, focused lens system, strong housing, user friendly controls, built-in IR illuminator, low battery and IR indicators. The scope has the rail for an additional illuminator or a microphone. Indisputable advantage of the device is the absence of plastic parts in the design. Recoil resistance is very high. Each sight is tested by 30-06 cartridge recoil at manufacturing.

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The main features:

- in the sight is applied only high grade 1st Gen ICT;
- 1/2 MOA elevation and windage adjustments
- 1.5F80 lens has special night vacuum enlightenment;
- variable-power, illuminated Mil Dot, red on green reticle


Visual magnification 2,5 x 
Field of view 11 deg
Gain of light 1000 times
Lens 1.5F80 mm
Max target's vision distance at natural night illumination 300 m
1 click value 1/2 MOA
Range of elevation and vindage adjustment ±36 MOA
ICT resolution 35 lines/mm
IR- illumination power not less 30 mW
Tuning of the ocular ±4
Min distance of the lens focusing 8 m
Eye Relief 50 mm
Mount type weaver
Supply voltage 3V (CR 123A)
Operating temperature -25 to +50oC
Battery life 72 hour
ICT life time not less 3 000 hour
Overall dimensions 210x100x80 mm
Weight 1,05 kg

Delivery set:
- NS-52 night vision scope
- Operation manual
- Case


Rifles with standard 7/8" Weaver mount.

Additional accessories:

The Laser

you can order them here

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