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ULTRA SIGHT PK-05W is designed to provide precise aiming at the target when shooting from the sports, hunting and pneumatic weapon with the top arrangement of directing rails of type "Weaver" in the afternoon and in twilight, in the conditions of bad visibility and rapidly changing light conditions. The sight is an optoelectronic device with single increase that provides possibility of observation of the purpose with both eyes.

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BelOMO factory:

BelOMO is a universal Association with substantial scientific and technical potential which is engaged in the field of development and production of high-precision laser, optoelectronic and optical and mechanical devices, instruments, units and systems for ground troops, space, marine services, industries, medicine, tourism, aerospace photographic equipment etc.


Visible magnification, ratio 1
Exit pupil diameter, mm 20
Quantity of sighting marks's types 3
Supply voltage, V 3
Power supply CR 2032
It is steady against mechanical blows with acceleration 455 g
Overall dimensions, mm, max. 733553
Weight, kg, max. 

Delivery set:

- Optical sight
- Operation manual
- Bag - case


This sight used for Weaver.

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