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PO 3.5x17.5 P OPTICAL SIGHT is a compact ultra-light scope designed for mobile military groups. Can be installed on automatic small arms, machine and sub-machine guns, pistols or any other weapons with a top Weaver/Picatinny base. Can be used during day time shooting under any light conditions or, in a twilight and at night in a combination with night vision devices. Thanks to its ultra-light weight, the scope does not increase the weight of the rifle it's installed on. The scope is shock-proof, dust-proof, water-proof up to 1 m, filled with nitrogen.
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Visible magnification, power 3.5
Lens clear aperture, mm 17.5
Angular field of view, deg. 5
Exit pupil diameter, mm 5
Eye relief, mm 50
Elevation / azimuth adjustment range,30 (85 m at 100 m)
Adjustment scale factor, ang. sec 15 (1.75cm at 100m)
Tube diameter, mm25.4 (1")
Illumination LED, red
Supply voltage, V 3V (CR2032)
Operating temperature range,-50C.....+50C
Overall dimensions, mm181 x 68 x 66
Weight, kg 0.322

Delivery set:
- Optical sight PO 3.5x17.5P illuminated
- Blend
- Rubber eye shield
- Weaver mount
- Storage case
- Operation manual

Extra accessories are available on request
- Weaver rail

The PO 3,5x17,5 P is for rifles with a standard Weaver or Picatinny base.

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