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The NVRS series of night vision riflescopes continue to garner rave reviews from top shooters around the world. Built on a military-grade titanium body, the NVRS provides an exceptionally strong, lightweight foundation for its high-res image illuminator tube and precision coated optics.

The NVRS 2.5x50 provides comfortable viewing with a 15 degree field of view. The unit's 50mm objective lens is one of the largest objective lens in use and provides outstanding light-gathering capabilities.
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The Gen 1 image tube works well with moonlight and starlight, but Yukon's exclusive built-in PULSE Infrared (IR) Illuminator with a range of 100 m extends the NVRS' viewing range. The PULSE system utilizes quick infrared energy bursts that pierce the darkness further to increase distance, visibility and image quality. The PULSE IR System provides the highest level of infrared illumination without significant battery drainage. The same “pulsing” frequency that is invisible to human eyes infiltrates longer distances due to the Infrared Illuminator's quick energy bursts.


Titanium Shockproof Body
Close Observations
Mil-Dot type luminous reticle with on/off switch
Precision internal windage and elevation adjustment
Silent Power Supply
 Flip-top Objective Lens Cover
Rifle Mountable
Low Caliber Compatible
High Caliber Compatible
Yukon 4 Year Warranty 

You can also order this scope equipped with the Euro  mount. 


Magnification, x 2.5
Lens Diameter, mm 50
Field of View, degree 15
Eye Relief, mm 45
Resolution, lines/mm 35
Recognition Range, m 200
Power Supply, V 3 (2AA)
Operating Temperature, °C -30 - + 40
Maximum Humidity, % 93
Weaver Rails Availability, yes/no no
Dimensions, mm 255x80x85 
Weight, kg 0.88

Delivery set:

Cover or box
Operation manual in 6 languages

Extra accessories are available on request:

The telescopic adjutage (lens diameter, mm - 50, amplification, x - 1.7)  

you can order them here


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