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 NVRS-f 2.5x50 has a focusing objective lens to provide clear and sharp image even on the extremely short distance. This riflescope is equipped with the powerful and safe infra-red flashlights providing recognition of objects in absolute darkness. The riflescope is completed with the remote console to switch on a riflescope or its IR flashlight from an fore-end of rifle. The oblique ergonomic blinker protects an eye from extraneous flares, masks a green luminescence of the image intensifire tube.
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The construction of the NVRS-F 2.5x50 provides excellent damp-proofing of all item, including high-voltage part of the image intensifire tube, that guarantees uninterrupted and safe work of the device. The ON/OFF switch for power and the built-in Infrared Illuminator is designed to prevent hand cramps and accommodate users wearing gloves. And don't worry about re-mounting the NVRS-F after each use with its standard on-rifle carrying case. The case fits around the NVRS-F while it is mounted on the rifle for easy storage. The unit is fit with a flip-top objective lens cover that protects the high-quality image tube from intense light that could damage the tubes.


Image Tube Generation 1
Magnification, x 2.5
Lens Diameter, mm 50
Field of View, degree 15
Eye Relief, mm 45
Resolution, lines/mm 35
Recognition Range, m 200
Power Supply, V 3 (2xAA)
Operating Temperature, °C -30 - + 40
Maximum Humidity, % 93
Weight, kg 1.0
Dimensions, mm 255x80x85 

Extra accessories are available on request:

1. Directional Sound Amplification System Yukon;
2. Pulsar-805 IR flashlight night vision;
3. Yukon NVRS 2.5X50 doubler night vision

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Delivery set:

Yukon NVRS-F Tactical night vision scope;
Nylon carrying case;
Operation manual in 6 languages: English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Czech, Russian. 


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