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S50 is a compact night vision weapon sight of 1st generation with the built-in infra-red illuminator and projection aiming mark of red colour. The weapon sight is intended for orientation on terrain and management of aiming fire from the hunting weapon in conditions of low intensity of illumination at temperature of air from -20 up to +40 oC. Undoubtedly advantage of the rifle scope is the absence of plastic parts in a design. At manufacturing each sight is tested on impact loads on a special bench - 50 shocks 250 g. In opposite to many other producers, we measure spacing interval up to an exit pupil of the night scope directly from edges of the eyepiece (instead of from a lenticle). Therefore we guarantee absolutely safe distance of a sight against eyes at fire. In a sight S50 this spacing interval not less than 50 mm!

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The device has following features:

- the best Russian ICT of 1-st generation;
- 1.7F85 lens has special "night" a "night" vacuum enlightenment;  - a projection red aimiing reticle - mil dot;
- brightness control of an aimiing reticle;
- all-metal a high-strength body;
- LED indicators of operational modes of the sight;
- a wide-angle field of view;
- electrostatic protection ICT.


- Visibie magnification 2,5x
- Field of view 9o
- Objective aperture 50 mm
- Light magnification 900
- Power of the IR- illumination not less 15 mW
- Tuning of an ocular 4
- Lens F1.7/85
- Mount type Weaver 7/8"
- Supply voltage 3V (1 battery)
- Operating temperature -20 to +40oC
- Overall dimensions 290x102x87 mm
- Weight 1,1 kg

Delivery set:
- S50 sight
- Operation manual
- Case


Rifles with standard 7/8" Weaver mount.

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