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Yukon Night Vision Monocular NVMT 1 (2x24)
????????? ??????? ??????? NVMT 1 (2x24) For low magnification observation, the device utilizes the 25 mm lens. Linear zooming allows magnification adjustments between 6 and 25x. When more magnification is desired, the flip of a switch shifts the light path from one lens to the other. With the 100 mm objective lens, zooming capabilities increase to 25-100x magnification. The enormous light gathering capability of the 100mm lens creates a bright and clear picture in nearly all viewing conditions, including twilight. In accordance to Yukon Advanced Optics' tradition, the Yukon 100x's design provides the user both power, quality and comfort. To prevent viewing fatigue or discomfort, a specially designed adjustable 45-degree, rotating eyepiece is utilized to suit the viewer's comfort from any angle, even when lying on the ground. Both digital and photo camera adapters are available to be used with Yukon 100x. The unit accommodates both photographic and spotting scope tripods and can double as a telescope for late night stargazing.
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- 6x to 100x Magnification Range
- Dual Light Path Optics
- Shared Common Ocular Lens
- High Light Gathering Capability with 100mm Lens
- 45-Degree Revolving Eyepiece
- Open Field or Long Distance Observation


Magnification of the Main Objective, x 25-100
Magnification of the Auxiliary Objective, x 6-25
Main Objective Lens diameter, mm 100
Auxiliary Objective Lens Diameter, mm 25
Eye Relief, mm 12-16
Angle of the Eyepiece according to the optical path of the device, degree 45
Field of View, m at the Distance of 1000 m by magnifying power of 100x 11
Field of View, m at the Distance of 1000 m by magnifying power of 25x 39
Length, mm 425
Width, mm 119
Height, mm 165
Tripod Mount, inch 1/4; 3/8 

Delivery set:

"On-Tripod" Carrying Case
Objective and Eyepiece Lens Covers
Sun Shield
User's Manual

Extra accessories:

- Yukon 6-100x100 Digital Camera Adapter

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