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  NV MT4 monocular night viewer is high quality, best optics first generation sight. It's a professional device designed to provide enhanced viewing in all low light conditions and total darkness. The NVMT is a passive starlight device, although an included IR illuminator will greatly enhance the scope's effectiveness.
The entire unit is rugged enough for extreme field conditions. The viewer is ideal for a variety of professional and recreational uses like: wild life observation, astronomy, boating, search and rescue, many other activities. The monocular has a replaceable lens allowing you to vary magnification and focal distance.
The NVMT 1x24 Head Mount Kit fashioned after military-tested designs, provides hours of comfortable hands-free operation, perfect for high-tech Ranger games & night hiking.
Perfectly designed ergonomic device with manual in 6 languages!
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Image Tube Generation 1
Magnification, x 1
Lens Diameter, mm 24
Resolution, lines/mm 36
Field of View, degree 30
Diopter Adjustment, D +/-4
Range of Detection, m 150
IR Illuminator Range, m 100
Power Supply, V 3 (CR123A)
Length, mm 142
Width, mm 82
Height, mm 60
Weight, kg 0.68 


  • Built-in Infrared Illuminator featuring Yukon’s PULSE System
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Durable, RUBBER ARMOR Body
  • Open Field Observation
  • Photo/Video Adaptable
  • Water Resistant 

    Package Contents:
  • NVMT 4 (1x24)
  • NVMT Head Mount
  • Cases 
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Lens Cap
  • Hand Strap
  • User's Manual 

    Extra accessories:

    - NVMT IR-Flashlight
    - DSAS 1/4 Thread Mount
    - Digital Camera Adapter

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