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Ranger 6.5x42 is a fundamentally new night vision device with a number of unique advantageous features that came as a result of modern optical and digital technologies. The device’s IR-illuminator operates in the remote field of the IR-range (940nm), invisible by the unaided eye and has a gradual power intensity adjustment function and memorization of a fixed emanation level. With the adjustment wheel on the front panel one can choose the suitable brightness level of the display. For image broadcasting to the screen and video recording the device is equipped with a video out. For stationary prolonged observation and video recording it is advisable to mount the device on a standard tripod that uses ¼ inch mounting thread.
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Magnification, x 6.5
Lens Diameter, mm 42
Resolution, lines/mm 40
Field of View, degree 4.6
Diopter Adjustment, D +/-5
IR Wavelength, nm 940
IR Power, mW 2000
Viewing Range, m 250
Power Supply, V DC 6-12V 1000mA
Video Out: Yes
Operation Voltage, V 7.2-9 (6xAA)
Camera Resolution, pixels (HxV) 510x492
Operating Temperature, °C - 20 - + 35
Battery Life (with / without IR), hour 4 / 10
Dimensions, mm 170x116x76
Weight, kg 0.65 


  • Stealthy operation with invisible IR illuminator
  • Direct video recording output
  • Higher magnification for better detail
  • Improved resolution vs. starlight NV in the same category
  • Image brightness comparable with Gen2
  • Dual IR system
  • The device cannot be damaged due to long-term exposure of bright lights 

    Package Contents: 

  • Digital NV Ranger 6.5x42
  • Case
  • Neck strap
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • User's Manual








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