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Night Vision Binoculars NVB 2,5x42 Pro is a professional quality device designed to observe in full darkness for close distances. It is a passive device, does not require any additional light sources, though IR illumination intensifies the efficiency of observation.
NVB 2.5 Night Vision Binoculars Pro represents the latest in night vision technology. It features an ergonomic design and compact polycarbonate body. The result is a technically superior performing night vision device, which is rugged, attractive, lightweight and convenient to use. The NVB 2.5 Pro is uniquely designed to provide quick and comfortable viewing without the need for interpupillary adjustments. This advancement is particularly beneficial when sharing your BNV night vision binoculars with others or when quick distance adjustments are required.
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Your NVB 2.5x binocular is ideal for a variety of professional and recreational uses including the following:

  • Scouting game
  • Security and surveillance 
  • Nighttime navigation
  • Fishing and boating
  • Search and rescue


    Image tube Gen 1
    Tube resolution ,lp/mm 35 lp/mm typical
    Viewing Range, m (1/4 moon 0.05lux) 200m 
    IR Illuminator Range, m 150  
    Magnification, x 2.5x
    Field of view ,degree 15°
    Objective lens system 42mm
    Diopter Adjustment -5D to +5D
    Power supply 3V (2xAA)
    Battery life (with / without IR),hours 20/40
    Tripod Mount, inch 1/4
    Grade of water-resistance IPX3
    Working temperature ,°C -30 °C~+ 40 °C
    Dimensions,mm 165x160x76
    Weight 0.8kg

    Package Contents: 

  • NVB 2.5x42
  • Case
  • Neck Strap
  • User's Manual




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