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Monocular of night vision D125 is a multipurpose device of night vision which in dependence of the complete set of delivery can be used in conditions of low light exposure for various kinds of activity from orientation on small distances and in the closed spaces (having thus free hands) to observation over mobile and motionless objects in the distance (up to 240 meters).

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Lenses, focal length, mm F26
Magnification, X 1
Angle of vision, degree 40
Focus limit, m 0,25 ... ∞
Limit of diopter adjustment of the ocular, dptr ± 4
Power supply (type of batteries) 2xLR1
Operating time (without IR), hour 30
Dimensions, mm 136x47x70
Weight, kg 0,3
Image tube, generation 1


- The case from light alloys of aluminium provides durability and reliability, and the special rubber overlay provides comfortable holding in hands

- Conveniently located push-button control allows quickly to switch on/off the device and built-in IR-illuminator

- The switch-on indicator allows controlling the current condition of the device.

- The built-in IR-illuminator allows to use the device in full darkness and has an opportunity of adjustment of the light spot size. 

- The built - in protection against bright light automatically switches off the device at increase of light exposure. 

Extra accessories:

 - Objective  1.5x80    ( magnification 3,6x)
 - Objective  1.7x100 ( magnification 5x)
 - Bracket MK124

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Package Contents:

- Night Vision Monocular D125 
- Head mask
- Carry case
- User's Manual 


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